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This page applies to the version 2 license.

All purchases of JIRA Service Desk made on and after 10 September 2014 are on the version 2 license, i.e. the new pricing model. For instructions on user management for version 1 license, see Setting up users with the version 1.x pricing.

With the JIRA Service Desk standard permission scheme and project roles in place, adding users to a JIRA Service Deskproject just involves creating the users and assigning them to the project role you want them to have. 


 JIRA Service Desk 사용자 타입

You manage the users for your service desk on the People tab.

  1. 에이전트 use the service desk interface in JIRA to view their queues, reports generated by the service desk administrator, and the SLA metrics they're working against. When agents work on a customer request, they update and log information on the request using the standard JIRA issue view. This gives them access to all the JIRA features for managing issues. For details, see Setting up JIRA Service Desk Users.

  2. 고객 log requests through your Customer Portal. They don't to see the service desk tools used by your team. As their request is being worked on, they receive emails on the status changes and public comments made by the agent. They can also use the Customer Portal to see a list of all their requests (current or completed). For details, see Setting up JIRA Service Desk Users.
  3. 협력자 are the users that occasionally help your team resolving requests, e.g. managers who approve purchase requests, or developers who help support staff analyze bugs. They don't have access to the service desk interface and service desk projects appear as JIRA projects to them. For details, see Setting up JIRA Service Desk Users.
  4. Service desk 관리자 use the service desk interface in JIRA to customize and manage a service desk for a given project. Administrators are users with administrative rights for a service desk and the underlying JIRA project. For the details about what they can do, see Setting up JIRA Service Desk Users.

고객, 에이전트, 협력자가 보게되는 요청

The following screenshots show the different views customers and the service team members see when they open a request. 

Customers see the Customer Portal

Agents see the issue in the service desk

Collaborators see the JIRA issue view

사용자 셋업

Use the following information to manage different types of users.


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