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JIRA Service Desk pre-configures a Customer Portal for each service desk you set up. The Customer Portal is where you design the request forms your customers will fill out. As the service desk manager, you can map the JIRA features that are used to manage each request to the user friendly language your customers will see.

Tip: You can click the Customer Portal link at any time to see how your changes will appear for customers.

새로운 Customer 포털 셋업하기

The first step in setting up a Customer Portal is configuring the request types the service desk will support. Each request type in a service desk is based on a JIRA issue type. (See How JIRA and JIRA Service Desk Work Together for more information on how JIRA Service Desk works with JIRA.)

Note that a single JIRA issue type can be the basis for many different request types (for example, the "Purchase" issue type serves as the basis for both the "Request new hardware" and "Request new software" requests).

multiple Customer 포털 접근하기와 multiple service desk 에서 제기된 요청

If you have multiple service desk projects running, your customers only need to remember one URL and they can see the list of all the Customer Portals they have access to in one place. 

  • The 5 requests that are most recently updated appear on the global customer portal by default. You can see the status of them at a glance.
  • To check details and updates about other requests, use the My requests menu in the header. The number there indicates the number of open requests from all service desks. After clicking My requests, you will also get the option to filter requests by their status or search for a specific request.

The URL to the list of portals is:





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