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This section has everything you need to know about administering HipChat Server day to day.  From getting your people set up, to exporting or backing up your HipChat data and integrating HipChat Server with other tools. 

You need to be an administrator or group owner to do most of the things in this section.

그룹 관리

You have one group in HipChat and it's made up of the people in your organization. This page outlines how to manage your HipChat group, including how to rename the group, and adjust the amount of chat history you want to retain. 

사용자 추가 및 제거

Get everyone in your organization in HipChat and working from any location. Find out how to add people, remove them when they move on, and grant them permissions to do things. This section also tells you all you need to know about the powers (roles) you can grant people. 

사용자 디렉터리 구성

Save time and duplication by hooking HipChat server up to an external user directory.  This section has all you need to know to get your people from your user directory into HipChat.

데이터 내보내고 가져오기

Moving from one HipChat Server to another HipChat Server and want to make sure your data comes too? Want to know how to back up your HipChat data? This section has got you covered. 

HipChat 서버와 연동하기

Make HipChat the center of your organization's work day by bringing in all your favourite tools. In this section, find out how to integrate HipChat Server with JIRA, Confluence, and more. 

더많은 구성

Use the HipChat CLI, set your network time, monitor HipChat Server, and enable SMS notifications.


Learn about the HipChat Server log files to help with troubleshooting.



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