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Here you'll find some news highlights along with screenshots and information about Atlassian.


In addition to press releases, news includes other aspects of the company in our product blogs, company blogs, and personal blogs.

">비디오 & 오디오

">Atlassian 관련 기사

">제품에 대한 설명

Some links to our website: 

Bamboo Overview / Customers / Case studies

Confluence: Overview / Customers / Case studies

Crowd: Overview / Customers / Case studies

JIRA: Overview / Customers / Case studies

">Confluence 와 JIRA를 사용하는 공개 사이트

Confluence: Confluence customers can work with the out-of-the-box themes (skins) or they can redesign their wikis. Some interesting examples of small and large organisations (corporate, open source, non-profit) using Confluence:

JIRA: We use JIRA internally for bug tracking, task tracking, support, help desk, workflow, product roadmap, human resources, and more. Here are some other public examples of JIRA in action.

Try using our products yourself. We have live versions running online. We've restricted some functionality but you can get a good sense for how the core application works.

">사진과 제품 스크린샷


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