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Service Desk has stopped to pull its email from the configured Mail Channel, then, no tickets are getting created by email.

This issue is occurring because the values from, or (JIRA Administration > System > Scheduler Details) are not updated as they should be (It's showing the next_run to a past value)


You can double check in your Scheduler Details configuration (JIRA Administration > System > Scheduler Details)  to see if, or are set with old values for the next_run. 

As these values have to be updated and the next_run should be a value in a brief future, your emails won't be processed by Service Desk if you're being affected by this issue. The following documentation has additional details about Service Desk Scheduled Jobs:


This issue is occuring when Service Desk faces any communication problem with its database.


As you'll have to modify these values directly in the database, a simple restart will force JIRA to update these values.

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